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About Beacon

We are Britain’s leading purchasing organisation.

Since our founding year in 2000, we’ve achieved a market-leading position by putting our customers first – working closely with our partners and around 200 suppliers to drive value across every category, ensuring consistency of quality goods and services to the hospitality, leisure and healthcare sectors.

It’s this consultative approach, coupled with our proven track record that makes us the chosen purchasing partner for around 2,000 UK businesses.

What we do

Beacon offers a leading range of products and services.

With around 200 suppliers, across 65 categories we’re always looking to expand our offering. Whether that’s across food & drink, services & utilities, furniture, fittings & equipment or consumables, we work hard to ensure our supplier portfolio represents optimum value and the latest market trends.

Primarily we work with customers in hospitality, leisure and healthcare. While these are our key markets, our teams can cater to a range of businesses and will bespoke packages to suit.

This flexibility gives Beacon the ability to add value to a company of any size, from start-up to multinational, and small café to hotel chain.

Simply getting better deals

  • Beacon Central Billing – Our unique Central Billing function allows us to collect your monthly Beacon supplier invoices and consolidate them into one total amount. We collect this amount from you and pay suppliers on your behalf, saving time and money – we’ll even manage any invoicing disputes for you.
  • Take advantage of Beacon PowerPoints – Beacon reward customers with PowerPoints when purchasing from a wide range of suppliers via Beacon Central Billing…cashback!
  • 24-hour account opening – We appreciate the need to open new supplier accounts and we help you do so, fast! Open accounts and begin trading in as little as 24 hours.

For more information on our products and services, or to find out more about joining Beacon, please contact us using the form below – or call us on 01904 695588.